Automatic Test Equipment


Automatic Test Equipment Solutions from Electron Systems



Electron Systems have over thirty years experience in supplying automatic test equipment to manufacturing industry.


These systems are custom built to suit customer’s needs.


Electron Systems offer complete turnkey solutions from feasibility study to installation and training.


Our ATE solutions are designed for ease of use, low maintenance costs, and traceable calibration.


Product testing is essential to assure product quality and can represent a significant production cost. Our test solutions take account of the need to be cost effective.


The technology we use is constantly being updated to provide competitive solutions.


We have experience of electronic, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic testing.


We are able to integrate test equipment such as digital multimeters, data acquisition boards, pressure testers etc. from manufacturers like AgilentTM, KeithleyTM,National InstrumentsTM, and DruckTM etc.


Most electronic products now have one or more embedded micro controllers. We produce systems that programme and verify these processors as part of the ATE.


Software is equally as important as the ATE hardware so we work closely with Product Technology Partners as software suppliers.  PTP have in depth experience of ATE programming using National Instruments LabVIEWTM, LabWindows/CVI, Vision Builder, TestStandTM and Measurement Studio, Microsoft VC++, C#, VB & etc.


We have supplied leading manufacturers with test equipment for an ever-widening range of products. some examples are as follows


The pcb assembly for a controller board is 100% component tested, programmed and function tested in one operation. A report of any faults is printed to assist in rework.

ATE for controller board
 ATE for active car engine mount



An electro pneumatic test rig is tests active engine mounts by using a vibrator driven with a synthesised waveform simulating the forces encountered in the vehicle. The test system analyses the performance of the engine mount and applies the feedback that would come from the engine control unit. The efficiency of the active engine mount is then measured.

The rig is computer controlled and simple to use for production testing.

Test system for battery powered pcb assembly



An ultra low power pcb 50 x 25mm complete with batteries is programmed and function tested. The test jig features a complex pcb profile and very tight tolerances for the test probes.

Hydraulic pressure tester




ATE system that tests deep oil well pressure sensor assemblies up to 10,000 psi and 100°C.

The system runs unattended overnight to allow the long test times needed.

16 UUT’s are mounted on trays that are inserted into the environmental test chamber..

Vision tester for LCD display




The ATE simulates the operation of the UUT’s push button switches and uses a vision system to check the correct operation of the LCD display.

Lawn mower cylinder tester





ATE uses laser micrometers to measure lawn mower cylinders automatically.

The error in grinding is calculated and statistical process control is applied to the production process.

The system is easily adjusted for different parts.

Siren tester






This manual test set-up is replaced by the ATE system shown on the right to improve throughput and operator safety. The systems tests sound levels, frequency and power consumption of sirens. Different models are selected by software and results logged for trace-ability.

Thick film resistor ATE

A step and repeat rig is used to probe arrays of thick film gas sensor resistors on ceramic substrates for the correct resistance value. A vision system is used to identify any necking of the resistor and to calculate the area of the resistor. Any rejects are inked out and map of the array is produced for subsequent separation of the resistors.

High power switch tester


A life test rig for testing control panel switches to international specifications.

The test voltages and load conditions are preset and up to six switches are life tested in an environmental chamber.

Production samples are regularly tested to maintain certification to CE, UL and other standards.

The tester operates at power levels of 16kW, 450V AC with adverse power factors up to 0.65.

Thermal imager calibration



A custom designed dual black body source has two plates at programmable uniform temperatures.

The system measures the uniformity of the image and calibrates the sensing array in the imager.