Black Body Services

Electron Systems will calibrate your black body source using equipment traceable to national standards


The temperature range available is 0°C to 1200°C


The service includes


Inspection of the black body source for correct operation


Report of any faults found


Multiple point temperature calibration run with stability check


Comprehensive calibration certificate

Black Body Custom Designs

Black Body Calibration Services

Electron Systems offer a service to supply non standard black body sources and related equipment.


Electron Systems will design, manufacture, calibrate and deliver your equipment.


Some examples of black body sources and peripherals are-


0oC to 100oC temperature range

Fast temperature setting

100mm by 100mm source area

Compact design with built in controller for portable use


Peltier Controlled Black Body

Dual Black Body Source

0oC to 100oC peltier controlled

50oC to 400oC resistive heater controlled

100mm by 100mm source area

Dual controllers provide two test temperatures simultaneously


Black Body with Blade Type Modulator

Dual Source Black Body

Collimator and Black Body

Black body source with self contained blade type modulator

The temperature range, aperture, and chopper frequency were  designed to the customer's specification


Off axis mirror type collimator

Built in black body source

Designed and built to customer's specification 

For a quotation contact-

For a quotation contact-