Tea Blending Plant

Electron Systems provides a comprehensive service to the tea blending industry ranging from blending drums to complete automated blending plants.

Electron Systems’ Tea Blending Machine


The Electron Systems’ range of blending machines combine a well established drum design with modern computer control systems.


The blending machine is designed for blending tea on a batch basis. The machine can be integrated into automatic production lines so a high throughput can be achieved together with minimum manning.


The range of capacities is up to 1.5 tonnes.


Filling and emptying is via a common port on the side of the drum. For capacities above 1 tonne both sides of the drum are fed simultaneously.


The drum has a variable speed drive to give smooth operation and the correct rotational speed for particular ingredients. The drive is also bi-directional, the reverse direction being used during the emptying cycle.


The drum is fitted with an advanced vane design, which gives thorough mixing with minimum damage to the ingredients. The vane design combined with the side emptying mechanism allows very efficient emptying. The whole batch can be discharged or the built in weighing can be used to fill bags or sacks as required. The emptying design leaves a very low residue in the drum. The soil association has approved a particular installation for blending organic tea batches between non-organic batches.


Optional facilities are available for injecting additives for flavouring etc, and for on line product sampling.


The sealed inlet system and enclosed design make the machine easy to clean and hygienic.


All the blending machines are heavy duty for continuous operation.


The operator interface is a computer control panel with a colour touch screen. The computer communicates with the machine PLC and has a network port to integrate the machine with the plant network etc.


Computer control of the blending machine allows particular blends to be precisely controlled, and called up on demand.


A typical blend program would include-

Product recipe and ingredient check list (blend sheet)

Total batch weight

Blending speed and time, additives etc.

Emptying program



Here are some examples of tea blending plant and systems-


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